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Engine rebuilding

We are selling equipment for engine rebuilding, like resurfacing machines for cylinder heads and blocks of cars and trucks, grinding, boring, milling and balancing machines.

If your car needs a new engine and you just can't afford to buy a new vehicle, have you ever considered engine rebuilding?

Engine rebuilding machines : Engine block

Engine rebuilding RP 1000

Cylinder head and block resurfacing machine for engine rebuilding: All parts composing the machine as basement, table, column and head are of high quality cast iron widely well-framed which offers high rigidity and sturdiness features.


engine rebuilding

Engine rebuilding  BLOCK RP 1300

Cylinder head and block resurfacing engine rebuilding machine: The technology design adopted on RP 1300 combines well tested solutions as the hydraulic table feed with a wide adjustable speed feed and flat and V-shaped ways machined directly on the basement and always perfectly lubricated that grant an excellent run fluidity even at slow feed speeds, with other more innovative features as the infinitely adjustable spindle speed by inverter or the automatic cycle for milling operation.


engine rebuilding

Engine rebuilding  BLOCK AC 80

Cylinder boring machine for engine rebuilding: This machine has been planned for a quick and efficient reboring of small engine blocks.


engine rebuilding

Engine rebuilding AC 200

All the components that are offered with the machine as standard equipment help the operator to make his job safer, faster and easier. By standard equipment we mean quick precision centering device (with finger on the boring head & dial indicator), the rapid feed of the head, the control panel which includes all the functions positioned to provide easier access and view of controls or the boring depth device.


engine rebuilding

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