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If you've ever taken a peek at your vulva — the outer part of a person with a vagina's genitals that includes the vagina, labia, and clitoris — and wondered if yours is normal, you're not alone. One in seven women have considered getting labiaplasty, which basically is trimming and tucking the vulva and tightening up the entrance," says Sherry RossMD, OB-GYN and a women's health expert with her own private practice.

It's important to note that everyone has a unique and different type of vulva, says Ross. And unless it's causing you discomfort, there's no reason to be ashamed of what it looks like or large labia love undergo expensive surgery to reshape it. While there's no set of vulva "types," there are many variations in the size, symmetry and color of a person's labia or lips and clitoris.

Here's what your vulva might look like and why it's totally normal. Each vagina is unique and specific to every person. So there's not necessarily a "normal" vagina shape or standard way your vagina should look. In fact, even the separate parts of the same vagina are not exactly the same Pubic hair is also a normal part of having a vagina. Most people develop pubic hair on the area surrounding their vagina. Despite what you may find on the internet, there are technically no set "types" of vaginas. All vulva's vary in size, shape, color, fullness and texture. The clitoral hood and size of the clitoris also vary in appearance in size, shape, and fullness," says Ross.

Some common variations in shape, size, and color of your vagina might look like the following examples. Your vagina may have asymmetrical lips meaning one of your labia is larger or smaller than the other. This is incredibly normal and nothing to be concerned about. Think about how one of your eyes is usually smaller than the other: the same concept applies to the vagina, says Ross.

You might notice your labia are tucked into your vulva or your outer vaginal lips are larger and cover your labia minora. You may have labia that are larger or puffier in size. It's normal to have your labia go past your vulva and stick out. You might find that some underwear like thongs don't offer the kind of support you need. You may have outer labia lips that are small or shorter, which show your labia minora and majora more. Your clitoris might be larger or more sensitive. According to Planned Parenthoodclitorises can range from the "size of a small pea to the size of your thumb.

Depending on a of factors, you may also find that your vagina varies in color. Not all vaginas are pink. Some are brown or on the redder side. It's not abnormal to see some discoloration in the skin surrounding your vagina either. However, bright red skin or a rash could indicate there's something amiss like a yeast infection. A of studies have pointed to porn,and other unrealistic media representations of vaginas as a potential cause for people's dissatisfaction with their vaginas. Ross agrees, saying that porn is a potential explanation on why some feel like their vaginas are "abnormal" or "ugly.

A analysis of women found that While you shouldn't be ashamed of the look and size of your vagina, there are options to change its appearance if that's what you prefer. These might include:. A trained plastic surgeon or gynecologist can perform this simple outpatient procedure, and the can be life-changing," says Ross. However, according to Ross, this surgery large labia love cause some complications like painful scarring or discomfort during sex.

Ross also recommends getting a second or third opinion before you opt for surgery. The media, including porn and social media, might make you feel like your vagina isn't normal or desirable. Everyone's vagina is different and can range in color, shape, and symmetry. So there's large labia love "perfect" or "normal" way for your vagina to look. You may also find your vagina changes with age. Regardless, some people may want to have surgery or other procedures. A surgical procedure called a labiaplasty can reduce the length and appearance of your labia, but it comes with its own risks and a hefty price tag.

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For more information, visit our medical review board. There's no such thing as a normal type of vulva because there are so many different sizes and shapes. The symmetry and shape of your vulva largely depend on the size of your labia and clitoris. If you're labia causes discomfort, you can alter it via a labiaplasty, a cosmetic procedure. Visit Insider's Health Reference library for more advice. Stay up to date with what you want to know. Was this article helpful for you? Additional comments. optional. Receive a selection of our best stories daily based on your reading preferences.

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