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The Bound Forum Your friendly kink community! Post Reply. RE: forced bi Quote Unread post by newbie » 24 Junhi im finally back lolover the past few daysi have had some weird fantasies come in to my head and want to share them and get your opinions. RE: forced bi Quote Unread post by Davina47 » 25 JunPerhaps you are not as straight as you think you are LOLI have similar fantasies and these only started in the forced bi forum few years.

They are now quites strong with both anal and oral sex at the same time and by both men and women using strap ons in them but I'm always dressed as a woman and essentially female. As you were dressed as a maid and a slut, I guess the same is entering your fantasies. I'd say enjoy them and don't worry about it. RE: forced bi Quote Unread post by z3r0n » 25 JunI've had similar fantasies before like this. Or being tied and having mistress ream me with a strap on while having oral performed on me. All forced of course Alot do Davina to add to your comment. I think I am straight even though I've had those fantasy's.

The reason being I've had a BI-experience that didn't have anything to do with bondage or forced and i didn't enjoy it at all My orignal fantasy of course forced bi forum why i went tried this but it wasn't what i expected I think different circumstances, such as in a bondage and "forced" situation, would've changed the whole thing for me Maybe that makes sense It's just that sometimes you want to be a straight woman instead of a straight guy.

Its about giving up control, not the actual fucking.

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RE: forced bi Quote Unread post by TimberBeast » 28 JunA very common fantasy amongst many and not unique to CDs, the crossdressing aspect is often just a mental means of coping with homopphobia : Forced bisexuality. There are many subconscious motivations here- suppressed fantasies of bisexuality, suppressed fantasies of indulging in 'taboo sex', something 'I'm bored off my arse' new, or just plain 'going where I have not been'.

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Oftentimes forced bi forum is accompanied by a tremendous rush you lock the mental image down and the details fall into place. You can give in to the yearning and seek top fulfill it, or you can resist it due to socially imposed ethics And while you have no way of knowing if you will enjoy it and feel guilty for enjoying it until you accept it is something had a grand time being subjected to, if you enjoy it you will continue to want to indulge in it.

So play safe, k? If you do not enjoy it, you can go to your grave knowing you tried it. Being humiliated and forced to let some perverted maniac do whatever he or she wants. Ever used some sort of anal stimuli? Probably just a gay fantasy mixed with your average bondage dreams. I'd do it for 3 days if i we're dressed as a maid!

EDIT:I'm straight, if it makes it a bit clearer.

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RE: forced bi Quote Unread post by tonyleeds » 02 JulEven though I strongly believe that I am straight, these thoughts all turn me on too. RE: forced bi Quote Unread post by Piedinplastic » 05 JulI think that people worry too much about the "straight", "gay", or "bi" labels. My philosophy is "I like to have hot fetish sex with people I really like who return my interest. So far, the majority of my partners have been women - but not all of them. RE: forced bi Quote Unread post forced bi forum lat3x69 » 12 JulI also have fantasies about being forced bi.

I have recently told my wife about it and she wasn't surprised. We are both straight and I have known for a long time that she has similar fantasies. It's more about not being in control or giving full control of yourself to someone else that is the turn on. Contact Like Ra. You may want to read this article I've just posted. Like Ra's Naughty Playground. That's intense and very, very hot. RE: forced bi Quote Unread post by BoundJ » 07 NovI'm not sure about the gay straight thing, I'm straight and I definitely like girls but I think if someone can please you I'm not sure if it makes a difference.

Something I have yet to explore. I'm now confused and don't know what to think The rules don't apply when your are wearing 6inch heels : If you consider yourself "normal" then you are boring! RE: forced bi Quote Unread post by tonyleeds » 08 NovI'd maybe try the outfit both ways. I know which I'd enjoy the most! RE: forced bi Quote Unread post by sisisandie » 16 DecI always had those fantasies too, but I always said to myself that if I were going to blow someone, I would have to be in love and it would have to be their birthday.

Some of the professional Dommes I have been with were T-Girls. Two I knew before hand, one I figured out during and two I found out later. Their gender didn't really matter, no sex occurred. One was absolulty beautiful. In the last few years two Mistresses have taken forced bi forum further. One Domme was half of a dominant couple. Her husband was often on the perimeter as someone for me to be humiliated in front of. No sex here either. One flogging with her out of the room. But a woman I have been seeing for the last 2 years has taken me all the way down that road.

She does double sessions with another Mistress and somedays it gets crowded. Last time there were two Mistress, two houseboys me and another and a paying customer. We were required to please him orally. We did what we were told.

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I have done this a half dozen times but always with a woman present. Am I bi? It would never occur to me to just do it with men but it would be silly for me to deny it when I go willingly. RE: forced bi Quote Unread post by hekate » 17 Decsome of the storys in here are hot we should have a forced bi story contest thread. Board index Delete cookies .

Forced bi forum

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