Spider walking kink

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Arya has a new game she wants to play with Blackwall in bed. He agrees, even if it means she will blindfold and tie him up.

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He already is too curious about what she is up to. And after all, he trusts her. He has already learned to accept the name Thom and I think it is essential that Arya uses it on him and he does not flinch anymore.

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Thank you noseforahtwo for the input. Had even laughed when she suggested a new play but being unsure if she could dare to ask something like that from him even if she had stayed vague about what she specifically had in mind, just declaring that he might really like it. He had not understood her concern about blindfolding him.

Or tying him up. He had laughed it away not understanding yet how it would be when all lights were gone again - as much as his freedom to move as he wishes to. But she insisted on having a al word so she could know if she needs to end the play immediately in case he could not bear what ever she intended to do.

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He had teased her that she might spend too much time with The Iron Bull. He had simply seen no need for it. Just in case. She had not been telling him any details about what she intended to do beyond blindfolding him and binding his arms against the headboard.

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Assuring him that she thought it could be an interesting and sexy thing. He thought he remembered that she even had used the word sensual.

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He knew her and her tastes so he was sure she would never come up with something he disliked — even more, he had not many ideas of what this could even be he would dislike when it came to sex with her. He had been curious but finally understood that maybe not knowing might be essential.

He had not insisted, knowing he would learn soon enough. So he felt curious, lighthearted and excited and still a bit amused over her concerns and just was eager to find out what this was all about, secretly being sure that he might get some real hot sex soon.

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They had all day off, it seemed to be the perfect time to play. So after a lazy morning with extensive cuddles, some tea and pastries right in bed they had agreed that this might be a nice day for new things to try. Anonymous asked: spider walking. Summary: Arya has a new game she wants to play with Blackwall in bed. I made all this up in my imagination and my life-experience about bodies, feels, love and trust. Fun Fact: This was almost entirely made up on mobile and at work or while on the train. Thank you noseforahtwo for the input ; NSFW kind of explicit, kinky stuff, spider walking, sensual play, kink play wordcount: therefore under cut AO3 Enjoy!

Spider walking kink

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