Dirty asian names

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So it goes without saying that English and certain Eastern Languages have…. But laughter remains universal no matter which language it comes from. Sometimes things get lost in translation. Wai So Dim — Why so dim? Dum Gai — Dumb Guy? Chin Tu Fat — Chin too fat? Kum Hia Nao — Come here now? Wai Yu Kum Nao — Why you come now?

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Wai Yu Mun Ching — Why you munching? Hoo Flung Dung — Who flung dung?

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Hu Yu Hai Ding — Who you hiding?! Tai Ni Poo Ni — Tiny puny? No Bai Dam Ting — No buy, damn thing! Wai Hang Mi — Why hang me? Ai Bang Mai Ni — I bang my knee!

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Chu Mi Goo — Chew my goo! There you have it, a list of names that sound funny and ridiculous to English speakers. Ah Molten Chocolate Cakes!

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What is better than breaking open that little cake and having …. Spicy Masala Chicken This Masala chicken recipe is beautiful when served hot with hot potatoes, or cold with sa…. Dating can be a nerve-wracking experience for many people. After all, you could be meeting….

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Dirty asian names

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Dirty Foreign Names